3 Benefits of GAF Roof Systems

Roofs are valuable components of any shelter that provide protection from elements like rain, hail, sleet and snow. A leaky roof can spell disaster for the contents of a building. It is important to choose both the right roofing company in Tulsa, OK and the right kind of roof/roof material. The GAF Roof System is one option that comes with multiple components and numerous advantages, including a warranty when certain conditions are met.

1. Shingle Variety

Of its six parts, the GAF Roof System boasts three kinds of shingles/shingle enhancers. There are the roofing shingles, referred to as Lifetime Shingles, which come in a wide array of colors and styles to match the appearance preferences of many tastes and are touted for being durable, energy efficient and visually appealing. Examples of color choices include:

-Timberline Barkwood
-Timberline Antique Slate
-Timberline Amber Wheat

Also incorporated are Ridge Cap Shingles which are designed specially to help retard leakage at the hips and ridges. GAF also makes available Starter Strip Shingles; these have a special adhesive attached to them that aid in keeping them from flying off the roof.

2. Protective Elements

There also exist protective parts like a leak barrier, an extra layer between the roof deck and shingles that shields against ice dams and rain driven by the wind. Roof Deck Protection also sits between the deck and shingles and acts to guard against different things, depending on the option picked.

3. Energy Conserving Ventilation

This system comes with Cobra Attic Ventilation which aids in conserving energy, lowering utility bills and increasing the roof's lifetime. It does so by expelling extra moisture and heat from attics, which in turn reduces the amount of effort required to regulate the room's temperature.

The GAF Roof System is an affordable, long-lasting option with many benefits. It is composed of six valuable parts that come with different choices for customizability and is tough, aesthetically appealing and energy efficient.

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