3 Reasons Why Most Commercial Roofs Are Flat

When you take a look around Jenks, OK, you notice that most residential homes have sloped roofs, and most commercial buildings have flat roofs. This isn't just a coincidence. Businesses have different needs that require flat roofs. If you're constructing a commercial building or simply curious, find out what makes a commercial roof tick.

1. Miniature Slopes

First, it's important to make the distinction between flat roofs and low slope roofs. The difference is simple: Flat roofs don't exist. However, they appear flat in comparison to their pitched roof counterparts. In actuality, the business hubs you see with flat tops are equipped with low slope roofs. There are slight inclines to allow for proper drainage.

2. Easier Maintenance

Although the flat roofs have miniature slopes to allow water to drain, they aren't as effective at this process as their pointy brethren. For this reason, they need to be maintained regularly in order to prevent leaks and structural damage. This is a no-brainer for commercial property managers, though.

The main reason for a flat commercial roof is to allow easy access. Commercial buildings often require more maintenance, and a roof with large sloping peaks is obviously harder to scale. Inclines make for dangerous situations, and businesses generally like to avoid any injury liability.

3. Lower Cost

Running a business also means cutting costs wherever plausible. Flat roofs are a cost-effective option for businesses. If you're in the market for installing a commercial roof, don't skimp on the roofing company. Put the money you are saving toward a reputable, professional roofing installation team. This way, you won't be spending your hard-earned cash on costly repairs down the line.

With the help of water abatement structures and proper installation, flat roofs are simply the way to go for businesses. A commercial roof doesn't save space for a traditional attic, and it may not look as flashy. However, it saves money and provides a safe work environment for everyone involved.
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