3 Reasons Why Your Solar Panels Could Be Leaking

Solar energy is extremely desirable. Because of this, there's been an explosion in homeowners installing panels on their roofs. It's no wonder this is happening, considering how this technology is environmentally conscious and can lower electric bills. However, panels might turn destructive if a roofer does not install them properly. Here are three common sources of solar panel trouble that homeowners should be aware of.

1. Tile Incompatibility

Your roof needs to be able to withstand the rigors of installation. Under most circumstances, drilling into rafters is necessary to keep panels in place. Some materials are less than ideal for this purpose. Drilling into roofs made from clay, slate, and terracotta should be avoided. You can work around this vulnerability by replacing delicate tiles with more appropriate ones strictly in areas where each panel will be.

2. Poor Installation

Those who add solar panels to their homes must have them placed correctly. Unless there's a tight fit, leaks are bound to develop. When this happens, hiring a professional roof repair service will become necessary. Make sure that anyone who claims to specialize in solar panel installation actually has the desired expertise. Avoid hiring subcontractors and only tackle installation yourself if you are 100% certain you can do the job correctly.

3. Old Age

Roofs over 30 years old are likely to have soft spots from shingle deterioration. This dry rot can appear in rafters or under the plywood, making leaks much more likely. Periodically, roofs need to be completely replaced. If you've reached this time, removing the electrical conduit and solar array along with your old roof is a pricey and unnecessary expense. Think twice before making solar energy part of your home.

Before putting a solar panel atop your residence in Tulsa, OK, be certain that your roof can withstand the stress. If you decide to move forward, be extra cautious that yours is installed correctly.

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