3 Tips for Extending Your Commercial Roof's Lifespan

Roofs are vital structural components, serving to shelter those beneath their protective covering from nature and its contrary weather expressions. While mileage varies based on material type, installation, climate and more, the life expectancy of a decent commercial one can range from 10 to 40 years, maybe even higher in some cases. The problem is that they are susceptible to damage and wear-and-tear, especially given their constant exposure to the elements. Proper roofing maintenance is one thing that can help prolong how long yours lasts.

1. Regularly Clean the Roof

Debris tends to accumulate on commercial roofs, potentially leading to ponding, deterioration and mold growth. This especially applies to the flat kind popular among businesses due to their cost-effectiveness. Their lack of slopes makes it harder for water to sheet off and easier for snow to pile up. Some steps you can take to prevent buildup and its consequences include:

Remove leaves, twigs, dirt, gravel and rocks
Clean out anything that might block gutter drainage
Clear all the winter snow off so that it doesn't exert excess weight

2. Regularly Inspect the Roof

Roofing maintenance is not simply waiting for a problem to pop up. It also involves routinely surveying your roof so you can catch them before they progress too far. You should keep an eye out for fissures, holes, broken or missing shingles, bad caulking or sealant, signs of rotting and anything else that might indicate a need for a repair.

3. Regularly Perform Necessary Repairs

Even if something like a slight crack seems insignificant and small, it is best not to put off fixing it. Something that appears minor at the time can easily escalate into a more serious problem if not taken care of.

Roofs must stand up beneath an onslaught of weather, debris, radiation and extreme temperatures. Performing roofing maintenance can aid in reducing the impact of these, as well as the normal degradation of age. If your roof passes the point of no return, it may be best to consider contacting a roofing specialist at Lewis Roofing to ensure your property gets a quality replacement.

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