3 Ways a Tornado Can Damage Your Roof

Roofs are impacted by all types of weather patterns, but tornadoes, in particular, can cause immense damage. If you live in a tornado-prone area, it's important to understand exactly how these cyclones can wreak havoc on your roof. Here are three major ways a tornado can cause roof damage to your Tulsa, OK, home.  

1. Storm Damage Can Extend Much Wider Than the Tornado Itself

The path of a tornado can cause destruction to homes up to a mile away from the moving cyclone. Your home may not be directly hit by the storm, but being in the range of its path can still cause significant roof damage. High winds that hit the area can strip material right off a roof and require repair in the aftermath.  

2. Coinciding Hail Storms Leave Their Mark

One of the most common causes of a damaged roof is hail, which often presents itself in severe thunderstorms that can produce a tornado. If you notice hail falling outside your home, there is a possibility a tornado could follow and your roof is compromised. Once a storm is over, rely on a roof repair company like Lewis Roofing to inspect for hail damage and address any concerns.

3. Flying Debris Can Puncture a Roof

The strong winds of a tornado can knock out tree limbs and telephone poles, putting nearby homes at risk for major roof damage. In severe instances, these objects can puncture a roof entirely and require substantial repairs following a storm.  

When a tornado hits, your Tulsa, OK, home is prone to face roof destruction by way of strong winds in the storm path, dangerous hail or large debris. Enlisting the help of a roofing company to perform roof maintenance before and after these storms can help keep your home and family safe from harm.

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