3 Ways Installing Christmas Lights Can Damage Your Roof

Winter is coming to Stillwater, OK and it is time to prepare the Christmas lights. However, you will need to be careful during this task. Even an activity as innocuous as setting up lights can harm your roof and gutters. Prevent future inconveniences by investigating the most common causes of roof damage noted by Lewis Roofing.

1. Walking on the Roof

Generally, you should avoid walking on top of the roof. You can quickly lose balance, fall and injure yourself. Even if you escape falling, any close calls, rough movements and hanging onto the roof can crush shingles, gutters and other components. If you truly have no choice, limit your time on top and move slowly and carefully. Bring a partner to steady a ladder for you and utilize safety gear. Otherwise, hire a specialist who can successfully install the lights while you stay safe.

2. Forced Lighting Attachments

Attaching Christmas lights risks leaving behind roof damage. If you leave the lights with nothing to hold their weight or use tiling and shingles as support, you will promptly damage the components. Avoid attaching them with staples and nails since they can also leave permanent damage for what is supposed to be a temporary decoration. Instead, use evenly distributed plastic clips to help secure the lights with minimal impact on the roof.

3. Harsh Removal

After the holidays come to an end, you might be tempted to take off the decorations quickly. It is important to be careful when removing lights from the roof. Pulling and yanking them can tear off shingles, tiles, wood and other parts. Exercise the same care and preciseness that installation requires to detach these decorations successfully. It can take time, but it will result in a healthy roof and sets of lights you can reuse next year.

Your home's roof can be affected by multiple factors, even something as benign as setting up Christmas lights. Consider these risks to avoid damage and contact an experienced roofing company if any harm takes place.

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