4 Prep Tips to Know for Tornado Season

Tornado season varies depending on where you live in the world; however, it’s important to remember that a tornado can happen at any time during the year. Thus, property owners always need to be prepared for any type of weather emergency. The roof of a building is especially susceptible to damage and needs to be maintained to withstand tornadoes. Here are three tips to prepare your Tulsa, OK roof for severe weather.

1. Perform a Semiannual Inspection

Most roofing experts suggest having your roof inspected twice a year. Spring and fall are good times to perform the inspection since the weather tends to be less severe. If you’re uncomfortable with climbing onto the roof, professional roofing contractors can complete the inspection for you.

2. Look for Problem Areas

There are several things to look for during an inspection. Walk around the roof and look for areas that are damaged. Loose shingles are common due to high winds during the tornado season, and some areas may even have missing shingles. There should be no loose or missing nails or screws anywhere on the roof.

Another common problem is damaged shingles. The sun can cause shingles to crack and break over many years. Make note of the locations of roof damage so that you can effectively communicate them to your roofing contractor.

3. Watch for Leaks

A constant drip of water through the ceiling of your property is hard to ignore; however, small leaks often go unnoticed. A semiannual inspection is a good way to check the roof for any signs of water damage or rot. Puddles of water on your roof weaken the integrity of your roof and the issue should be addressed immediately.

4. Prep & Vet a Roofing Company

Research roofing companies in your area, check their reviews, Facebook, and Linkedin. Once you have found a reliable company, jot down their information in a place you will remember. Once a storm hits, you can contact their team right away for an inspection. It's important not to wait long not only for insurance purposes, but also before the roofing company gets backed up with appointments.

Property owners can effectively prepare for tornado season by performing an annual inspection. Problem areas should be located and issues should be corrected by a roofing contractor.

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