4 Signs Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Many homeowners find that it's all too easy to sleep through an overnight hailstorm, making the shingle damage they come across the next morning all the more surprising. Just because the storms themselves are easy to ignore, doesn't mean that you can treat the damage the same way. Look for the following signs of hail damage next time you inspect your roof in Tulsa, OK.

1. Dents in the Roof

Make sure to climb up onto your roof and check for dents. You're most likely to find this type of damage in the roof's ridge caps, because it's the flattest part of the roof. Stronger hailstorms can create large, easily noticeable dents. If you slept through your storm, you might want to thoroughly inspect for smaller dents.

2. Cracked Roof Shingles

Shingle damage is a small problem that can quickly spiral into a large issue if not properly taken care of. Check for circular cracks in the shingles, caused when balls of hail strike hard enough, or hit the same spot multiple times. Some damage is difficult to spot with the naked eye, so you may want to try running your hand across the dented shingles to see if you can feel any cracks.

3. Blocked or Damaged Gutters

Your gutter system isn't nearly as strong as your roof, so you may want to check for damage there first. Likewise, debris that chips off from your roof can collect in the gutter system, inhibiting its ability to effectively funnel and redirect runoff from the roof. Neglecting to clear these obstructions can cause water damage and flooding.

4. Missing Shingles and Other Bald Spots

Stronger storms can sometimes tear shingles off completely, leaving vulnerable soft spots in your home's roof. You need to make sure you resolve this type of roof damage as soon as possible in order to prevent subsequent issues, such as flooding or leaks.

Hailstorms can cause several problems, such as shingle damage and leaks. Luckily, the professionals at Lewis Roofing can help you resolve these issues quickly and effectively.
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