4 Ways To Find Out the Last Time Your Roof Was Replaced

You must know the age of your roof. After all, once it hits a certain age, you are more likely to have leaks and other issues requiring a professional roofing company to replace it. Fortunately, there are several reliable methods you can use to figure out how old yours is.

1. Ask Past Owners

Asking the past owners is the easiest way to figure out the age of your roof. This could be the person you bought the house from or whoever they bought it from. Simply sending them a message or calling them could give you the answer you need.

2. Check the Permit

In Broken Arrow, OK, you must have a permit to install a new roof. The good news is that this is one of the documents you will have received when you purchased the home. If you don't have it on hand, try to find it so you have the exact date a contractor replaced it.

3. Call the Roofing Company

If you or the last owner doesn't remember the date the contractor installed it, the company that did the work will likely have it. The hardest part about this is figuring out who did the replacement. Often, you can find branding on the ceiling of your attic and try that company. Otherwise, if only a few roofing companies are nearby, you can try calling them to see if they've done work on your home.

4. Ask for an Estimate

If you've done the research but don't have any answers, you will need to take a different route. The best thing to do is ask a roofer for an age estimate. A professional will be able to examine the condition of the materials and give you an approximate age.

You must know how old your home's protective covering is. By following the tips here, you will be well on your way to uncovering this information.

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