4 Ways to Spot if Your Roof Is Sun Damaged

Your home's roof endures plenty of wear and tear from outdoor elements, but at some point, sun exposure can leave the roof compromised. Here are four key signs of sun damage to your roof.

1. Roof Discoloration

A discolored roof is a tell-tale sign of sun damage. Strong sun exposure can strip the color of a roof and make it appear lighter. If you notice patches of different colored material on your roof, it has been altered by the sun and over time, could lead to shingle decay.

2. Curling Shingles

If you spot a shingle that appears to be curled or warped in shape, it was likely caused by exposure to the sun. A turned-up edge on an individual shingle isn't much cause for concern, but if there is widespread curling, it's best to bring in a roof repair and replacement company to address the issue.

3. Shingle Deterioration

Over time, a roof will start to deteriorate with noticeable shingle damage. Along with curling, signs of further wear from the sun include a buildup of shingle granules which have shed off the protective layer and whole pieces of shingle that are now missing.

4. Water Leaks

A severely sun-damaged roof can lead to a water leak in your Tulsa, OK, home. A leak is often detected if water spots appear in your ceiling or along the walls. If this occurs, a Tulsa roofing company like Lewis Roofing can assist and replace the roof if needed. Performing a regular roof inspection is the best way to catch potential damage and prevent water leaks.

Be mindful of your roof's shingle appearance and any discolored spots to detect sun damage. Perform routine roof maintenance to protect your home from possible water leaks, which is the most severe effect the sun can have on a roof.

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