5 Common Areas To Check for a Roof Leak

As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to avoid water damage. If your home in Glenpool shows signs of leaks, it is likely a roof issue. Regardless of their style and shape, these vital structures have common areas that are prone to wear down. Below are five areas to check for water issues.

1. Valleys

A roof valley is often a vulnerable spot since it is where two slopes meet. As the rain comes down, this spot is prone to pooling water. The longer it sits, the more potential there is for the materials under the moisture to lose their integrity.

2. Chimneys

A chimney requires flashings to keep moisture at bay. Although there are different types, it is vital that all are functioning properly. A tiny crack may quickly lead to water getting behind the flashings, thus causing water to leak into the home.

3. Vent Pipes

After discovering leaks, vent pipes are one of the first places to look. Also called plumbing pipes, these are vital for venting your home’s plumbing system. Similar to chimneys, reliable flashing is essential to keep water from seeping in.

4. Shingles

Whether your roof is older or a serious storm just rolled through, any shingle damage opens your home to unwanted water issues. Missing shingles expose the underlying structures. As more moisture is absorbed, it means a water problem may quickly form. When it comes to shingles, it may be worth calling a roofing repair specialist for an inspection.

5. Ice Dams

For people living in areas where the temperatures may deep below freeze, ice is an enemy to your home. Once an ice dam forms, it means that water isn’t flowing properly away from the structure. This leads to water building up under shingles, flashings and other materials.

While dealing with leaks may be a hassle, discovering the problem area doesn’t have to be. At the first signs of trouble, check the above areas to minimize damage from spreading.

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