5 Common Signs Your Roof Is Compromised

No roof lasts forever, therefore it's important for homeowners to be aware of all factors that can lead to deterioration. Look for these five common signs of roof damage to your Tulsa, OK, home.

1. Shingle Damage

Any type of damage to your roof's shingles is a tell-tale sign that repair is needed. This includes any broken, curled or missing shingles. Taking action to fix damaged shingles (or replacing ones that are missing) can avoid further roof damage such as rotting wood or mold spots.

2. Clogged Gutters

Water should always be able to move freely through your gutter's downspout. When there is debris blocking its path, the water will then sit and collect in the gutter, which could cause major issues to your roof and siding. Be sure to regularly clean out gutters to prevent water damage to the structure.

3. Shedding Granules

Over time, your roof will wear and begin to shed bits of granules from the shingles. A buildup of these granules in your gutter or near a downspout can indicate your aging roof is due for a replacement.

4. Water Leaks

Look inside your home for this major sign of roof damage. Finding water spots along your walls or ceiling means a leak is present and should be repaired immediately to avoid mold and structural issues.

5. Hail Damage

If you notice destruction to your car or outdoor furniture after a hail storm, your roof is likely impacted as well. A roof inspection and repair company like Lewis Roofing can assess the property if you suspect a storm has compromised your roof.

A roof repair or replacement is something every home eventually needs. Keep in mind these five common signs of damage to determine when it's time to call in professionals to tend to your roof.

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