5 Roof Essentials for Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting time that comes with many decisions and things to look for. While doing your search in Tulsa, OK, don’t forget to ensure the roof is on the inspection checklist. Hidden issues with this vital structure may quickly turn your dream home into a money pit. Below are five key areas to check.

1. Rooftop’s Age

Since a rooftop doesn’t last forever, it is important to know how old it is. If older than 15 years, it likely means a replacement by a roofing repair specialist will be needed. Knowing the materials it is made with is also important since some last longer than others.

2. Water Stains

Any signs of water signs mean there is trouble ahead. Even if they have been painted, it indicates that there have been long-term issues that may not have been properly addressed. Note where any stains are so a proper inspection can be done if that house might be the one.

3. Shingle Issues

Shingles protect the underlying materials on a roof. Missing or broken ones are easy to notice. If you do, it means water may be collecting in places it shouldn’t, steadily damaging the structure. Since these are relatively easy to replace, missing ones may indicate the home hasn’t been taken care of well.

4. Mold Signs

A key reason for roofing wear is mold. This pesky fungus loves to form around ventilation systems and work its way into the home. Once that happens, it means more than rooftop issues you will be dealing with down the road. Mold often reforms in the same spot if water leaks aren’t properly fixed.

5. Gutter Drainage

Roof-life depends on proper drainage. Clogged gutters indicate that isn’t happening. As you tour the home, check downspouts and gutter for excess debris or puddles. Both indicate potential issues up top.

Before leaping into buying a home, it is vital to ensure the roof is in the best condition possible. Any signs of trouble with the above indicate that time should be taken to consider potential extra repairs.

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