5 Ways To Keep Your Roof Lasting Longer

The roof on your Broken Arrow home protects everything underneath it. It is also an investment that you want to last as long as possible. To better ensure that longevity, regular maintenance is needed. Below are five maintenance tips.

1. Keep Gutters Clean

When it comes to roof maintenance, it isn’t just about the roof. Clogged gutters wreak havoc on your roof, as well as may cause foundation issues. If the water isn’t flowing right, it means the potential for pooling on the roof, which leads to unwanted water damage. When cleaning the gutters, be sure to look for any shingle debris.

2. Remove Low-hanging Branches

The longevity of your roof requires taking note of nearby trees. Any low-hanging branches may be scraping the roof or your siding. Larger branches may also have the potential to fall during a storm, leaving you with unexpected roof damage. It is important to remove or trim any suspect branches.

3. Inspect Shingles and Flashings

After high winds or a storm, it’s important to check that your shingles are intact. If there is any debris on the ground, replace shingles as soon as possible. Flashing and areas that are sealed, such as around a chimney or skylight, should also be checked to verify that water isn’t creeping into your home.

4. Check for Signs of Water Damage

Along with taking note of potential outside issues, the interior of your home may show signs of a roof issue. Regularly inspect the attic for any signs of water or mold. The sooner a problem is spotted, the fewer repairs that may be needed.

5. Get a Professional Inspection

While being diligent about keeping debris off the roof and checking for leaks goes a long way, it is worth having a professional roofing company complete a roof inspection. They will have the expertise to check for undetected issues. If you have an older roof or a major storm has blown through, you may want to get an annual inspection.

Although built to last, the longevity of your roof requires regular care and inspections. The above tips are easy ways to help keep it protecting your home.

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