A Leaking Roof May Mean Hidden Issues

If your Tulsa, OK property suddenly shows signs of a ceiling leak, there is already a good chance that there is hidden damage that may not be easy to fix. The roof is vital to keeping everything under it safe. When damage happens, it is important to contact your insurance company. The next call to be to a professional roofing company that has the certification and expertise to find and correct hidden issues.

Common Culprits

Once a ceiling leak becomes noticeable, there could be a number of reasons for the problem. The most common include:

-Missing or broken shingles
-Improperly sealed or cracked flashing
-Loose or damaged caulk
-Clogged gutters

The insurance adjuster will make decisions regarding the cause and amount of visible damage. While in some cases replacing a few shingles may work, having a professional do a more thorough inspection helps reduce added costs down the road from the missed damage spreading.

Benefits of a Professional

Although roof repairs may not be part of the budget, the cost for not making the right repairs as soon as possible may end up costing you more. By choosing a professional, you can have confidence that they will:

Prevent Further DamageEven a small leak can wick to other areas of the roof, as well as into the ceiling and down walls. That extra moisture provides ideal conditions for mold to grow.

SafetyEven if heights don’t bother you, climbing up on the roof is likely not something you do every day. A professional will have undergone safety training to handle the unique working conditions.

Repairs Done RightAlong with creating additional damage, which can happen if someone untrained is moving around on the roof, you can have confidence that a professional will adhere to industry standards and have the expertise to get it done right the first time.

When faced with a ceiling leak, have it fixed fast and the right way is essential for protecting your home. Using a professional will provide the peace of mind that both have been done.

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