Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Roof

One of the best ways to embrace the Christmas spirit is to brighten up your home with Christmas decorations.

From hanging ornaments to putting lights on your roof, there are plenty of ways to give your Tulsa, Oklahoma home a touch of holiday cheer. While you’re busy decorating, though, it’s crucial to avoid causing roof damage in the process. Here are some common mistakes to avoid making while you decorate your home for Christmas.

1. Working on Flimsy Wood

The very first thing you should before hanging up Christmas lights on your roof is to check the sturdiness of your roof materials. If you’re planning to hang lights on wooden areas of the roof, test the wood’s durability to ensure that it can support the weight of the lighting. By hanging up lights on wood that isn’t strong enough, you risk causing serious damage to your roof.

2. Using the Wrong Ladder Height

Once you’ve tested the sturdiness of your roof materials, the next step is to begin hanging up the lights. To successfully accomplish this without causing roof damage, it’s crucial to ensure that your ladder is at the proper height. Hanging up lights at the incorrect height can increase your chances of weighing down one specific part of the roof or damaging it completely if you fall.

3. Rushing the Process

Taking your time while hanging up Christmas lights allows you to do a more thorough job. Not only does this boost the appearance of the lights once you’re finished, but it also reduces your risk of causing damage to your roof. Be sure to walk carefully on the roof while you work in order to avoid putting too much pressure on the materials. Taking heavy steps can lead to broken shingles and other complications if you aren’t careful.

Hanging up Christmas lights is a fun and festive activity, but it’s important to be cautious. Contact roofing specialists immediately if you encounter any signs of roof damage.

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