Different Sizes of Hail and the Damage it Causes

Hail is made up of ice that is formed during a storm. Hail can be as small as one-fifth of an inch and can also be larger than one-inch. No matter what size it is, it has the capability of causing hail damage. When there is severe weather in your area, it's always wise to keep up with the local weather so you know of any hail that could be headed your way.

How Hails Size Contributes to Magnitude of Damage

When you experience a hail storm, the hail will fall in many different sizes. When hail smaller than one inch is predicted, you should still take precautions to protect your automobile if it's not already under shelter. While hail of this size won't cause widespread destruction, when it becomes larger than one inch, then residential and commercial roof structures are at risk.

While the force of hail increases exponentially with size, other factors can contribute to the damage that can occur including the force of the wind. So, if you're expecting only small hail but strong wind gusts are also occurring, the hail damage is likely going to be much worse than from just small hail alone.

What To Do When You Experience Damage

If you experience damage to your car or your home, the first thing you should do is call your insurance company. It's likely your policy covers damage from hail. For shingle damage and any other roofing damage, contact a reputable roofing company.

Lewis Roofing is a Tulsa roofing company that can assist with your repairs when you experience hail damage. They offer free roof replacement estimates and are on call 24 hours a day.

Hail is an unpredictable hazard during any time of year. When you know hail is being predicted in your area, take quick action to protect anything outdoors that you can.

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