Do Roofers Have an Off-Season?

Some property owners put off repairing roof damage out of a mistaken notion that there is an off-season for roofing. While some seasons are busier for roofers than others, roofing services are available year-round. Find out more about the typical workflow of roofing companies to decide on the best time to plan major jobs.

Roofers Work All Year Long

Roofing work can be done in any season, but it is affected by weather conditions. Outside temperatures may have any of the following effects on temperature-dependent roofing materials:

-Sealing issues
-Wind damage

Skilled roofers are able to compensate for most of these factors for minor repairs. Temperate conditions can go a long way toward facilitating major jobs.

Late Spring and Fall Are Busy Seasons

Homeowners tend to prefer to get ready for summer by having roof work done in the spring or prepare for winter during fall. A combination of temperate weather, sudden roof damage due to storms and wear caused by intense summer heat and severe winter weather make spring and fall the busiest roofing seasons.

Summer and Winter Roof Work

Winter storms may delay roof work or require additional measures to prepare and protect a structure. In addition to working conditions, the removal of insulation can make indoor temperatures uncomfortable. For this reason, property owners may want to look out for temperate periods of weather during these seasons to schedule roof work. Roofers' schedules may be less packed than during the spring or fall.

The best time to repair roof damage is as soon as possible after it occurs. Consider having a roof inspected after a major storm in Tulsa, OK particularly if high winds have loosened or torn off any roofing materials. Other roofing services can be scheduled in advance during busy seasons and may be easier to fit in during slower seasons, allowing for weather conditions.

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