How To Avoid Damaging Your Roof

There may be times when you want to do some work on your roof in Dallas,TX but you are concerned with causing roof damage. One example of this is putting up and taking down Christmas lights. Other examples include doing chimney work, putting up an antenna or working on gutters. The principles of safety and avoiding damage to your roof are essentially the same in all of these situations. In all cases, make sure you have a stable ladder to get up and off the roof. If you can't do the job safely, make sure to get help or hire a professional. No one plans to fall off a roof, but it happens frequently.

Christmas Lights

When it comes to seasonal chores, putting up Christmas lights is a beloved tradition in many homes. If you are new to the task, follow these tips for roof-friendly installation and take down:

Use secure hang points for the lights that can handle extra weight
Walk gently to avoid shingle and roof damage
Practice safety
Use staples instead of long nails
Remove lights and fasteners carefully

While on the roof, if you see unusual wear and tear or broken shingles, consult with a professional roofing company in your area. Timely roof repairs prevent leaks and protect your home from damage.

Other Chores

There could be many reasons that bring you onto your roof. You might want to take a look at things after a late winter or early spring storm and see if any new roof damage has occurred. In many cases, it is best to avoid walking too often on your roof. One, it can be dangerous, and two, it can wear away the protective layer of shingles. An annual inspection by a licensed and insured roofing contractor is one way to achieve your goals. An experienced roof expert can spot problems and recommend solutions to affordably maintain your roof.

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