How To Know Whether To Repair or Replace Your Roof

As a homeowner in Tulsa, OK, you understand the importance of roof maintenance. You need to keep your roof secure so it can protect your house and your family from severe weather. You should thus check your roof regularly for potential problems.

If you do notice damage to your roof, you must decide whether to repair or replace it. Here are some ways to tell which strategy is best.

When To Repair Your Roof

1. You Need a Quick Fix

Roof replacement is a lengthy process. If you are heading out of town or a major storm is approaching, you do not want to wait to fix a hole in the roof. Repairs, however, can occur quickly and on short notice.

2. You Have a Limited Budget

Replacing your entire roof can be expensive. The cost could eat into your entire budget. Even if you think replacement is necessary, you should ask a roof maintenance expert for his or her opinion first.

3. The Damage Is Minimal

You do not have to tear down your entire roof if there is just minor damage isolated to a small section of the roof. In this scenario, you can just contact a roofing services company for repairs.

When To Replace Your Roof

1. Your Roof Is Not Code Compliant

If your roof does not meet current building codes, you could be in trouble when you try to sell the home. In this case, you should have specialist install a new roof that is up to code.

2. The Damage Is Excessive

In some cases, the roof cannot survive with just minor repairs. If leaks are everywhere or a tree has squashed the roof, it needs to be replaced. A natural disaster could also cause structural damage that necessitates a new roof.

If you notice damage during your regular roof maintenance check, you should not attempt to fix the issue on your own. A Tulsa roofing company such as Lewis Roofing can perform any repairs or install a new roof entirely.

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