How to Prepare Your Roof for the Fall

The summer months are coming to an end, and after the increased heat index across the country, many of you might be rejoicing! After months of hot weather, dry winds and countless hours of direct sunlight, your home or business structure might have taken a bit of a beating. To prepare your roof for the cooler temperatures this fall, there are a few necessary steps you should take before the summer ends. 

You might be wondering why you should prepare your roof for the autumn season. You might not have even touched or inspected your roof this year, so why now? Here are a few reasons why it’s important to prepare your roof for a new season:

  1. You can avoid roof damages before they start
  2. You can avoid needing a roof replacement in the future
  3. You can avoid water damage traveling into your home
  4. If you do have roof damages, you could still be under warranty this season

Taking the time to check on your roof and prepare for the fall can save you time and money in the long run and help you avoid any unnecessary frustrations. To get started on the autumn preparation, you should always begin with checking your roof for damages. 

Checking Your Roof for Damages

It might seem intimidating to grab that ladder and climb up to the roof of your home or business, but it is worth it. After years of sunlight, rain, and other extreme weather conditions, your roof could have extensive wear and tear or severe damages. It is important to check on the status of your roof at least once a year. If you experience a severe weather event like hail or tornadoes, you should consider checking your roof after these events. Checking your roof at least once a year, if not more, can prevent an unexpected roof replacement or extreme damages that could be avoided. This is a vital first step in the preparation process. 

Removing Debris and Cleaning Gutters

After spring storms and summer winds, your roof could possibly have debris such as leaves, branches and twigs stuck in the gutters or drains. It is important that you clean out these areas every year to avoid damages to your roof. Removing any kind of debris from your roof to prepare for fall is critical. Fall is known for the leaves changing color and gently falling off the branches. These leaves can and will clog up your gutters, causing irreversible damages to not only your roof, but also your entire home. Take the time to remove the debris from your roof and gutters to ensure a healthy roof over your head and prepare for the falling leaves in autumn. 

Inspecting your Attic and Insulation

If your roof is not in the healthiest condition, there might be some leaks or damages in your attic. Before moving into a new season, you should inspect your attic for any kind of water damage or even mold. These areas can house undetected water damage and lead to mold growth over time. It is important you check your attic for leaks or holes in the ceiling to avoid damages making the way into your home. Look for any standing water, water spots or black or green patches in your insulation. These can be signs of water loss and mold inside your home. Inspecting your attic at least once a year can help you avoid these pesky damages and prepare you for the changing weather. 

Make Repairs if Necessary

If you find irreversible damages to your roof, gutters, pipes or attic, act quickly and begin any repairs you are comfortable doing yourself. Always prioritize safety! If you don’t feel safe making the repairs yourself, our team at Lewis Roofing is available to help when you need it most. Patch work, gutter guards and replacing insulation can help keep your roof healthy until professional roof installers arrive to professionally repair the damages. Give Lewis Roofing a call as soon as you suspect roof damage, and we can be ready to inspect in no time. Our team is ready to make any necessary repairs to get your home ready for the fall!


Follow these few steps to help you get prepared for the autumn, and if you need assistance, Lewis Roofing is prepared to inspect your roof before the season changes. 

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