How to Recognize Suspicious Roofing Contractors

When it is time to hire a company to replace or repair your roof, there is a chance that you could encounter shady roofing contractors. These contractors run various schemes that focus on profit rather than service. Here are a few examples of known roofing scams.

1. Door-to-door

In this case, a roofer appears at your door and claims there is damage to your roof. This contractor says the problem was noticeable from the street and offers you roofing services. Once hired, the company informs you the issue is more severe than expected and recommends you replace the roof. However, these roofers have suggested installing a new roof when it is not necessary.

2. Repairs

These contractors cut corners or make needless repairs. A low bid can be a warning sign for a company that performs shoddy work. It is difficult to spot unnecessary fixes to a roof since most damage occurs under the surface, but you can actively review the project's progress to monitor the quality of the work.

3. Materials

Some shady roofing contractors promise to use durable materials, yet those materials are later switched with cheaper options. The roofer never informs you of the change. Dishonest roofing companies also exploit homeowners by inflating the cost of roofing materials. These companies hope the exaggerated prices will be undetected.

4. Starting Costs

For this scam, roofing companies give a low bid to start, but the cost climbs over the course of the project due to unforeseen expenses. Other suspicious contractors ask for a down payment on the project. After the money is received, these contractors leave town before any labor has been performed on your roof.

If you need work done to your roof in Tulsa, OK avoid shady roofing contractors by contacting multiple roofing companies. There are professional roofing experts available to replace and repair your roof the right way.
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