How You Know it's Time for a New Roof

When you own a home, you expect to spend time and money repairing different parts and places. You shouldn't have to worry about your roof too often, but the time may come soon when you'll have to replace it. Chances are good that you've never tackled this project before, so it's helpful to understand the signs that point to the need for a new roof.

The Physical Clues
Wise homeowners regularly inspect their roofs for damage. This may be especially helpful if you live in an area of Oklahoma City, where severe weather is common. Once you're on your roof, you can start looking for evidence of wear and tear or of when Mother Nature or neglect have taken their toll. These include:

Missing shingles
Buckling shingles
Weak spots
Damaged flashing

Problems on the Inside
You may realize it's time for a new roof when you find water damage in your house. If you discover water dripping from the ceiling, a leaky roof could be the culprit. You should also keep an eye out for water in your attic or other moisture problems in the upper level of your house.

Your Roof's Age
Unlike other areas, systems and appliances in your home, you shouldn't have to replace the roof more than a couple of time in your life. A sturdy roof should last at least 20 years. Some materials are good for 30 years. Others, such as slate roofs could endure the elements and time for 50 years or much longer. Eventually, however, even the most well-built roof will need an overhaul. Be aware of how long your roofing material typically does its job. If your roof is hitting this milestone, it's probably time to call a professional roofing contractor.

Don't put off the obvious signs that your roof is failing. Pay attention to these warnings and get a new roof before it's too late.

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