Important Roof Shingle Maintenance Education

The life of your roof can be extended with proper shingle maintenance. Caring for yours reduces the long-term cost of repairs and delays the inevitability of needing a total replacement. Here are some tips for keeping shingles in healthy shape.

Causes of Roof Shingle Damage

Shingles are subject to wear from a multitude of triggers. Some include:

Extreme weather
Imbalanced ventilation
Plant debris
Improper installation

Any of these factors alone has the potential to cause shingle damage to your residence in Tulsa, OK. Pay close attention to your roof, even if you have not recently experienced these troubles.

Protection of Roof Shingles

Head off the necessity for services from a roofing repair specialist by observing the following shingle maintenance recommendations.

Keeping roofs clean is incredibly important. Diligently remove organic material such as branches and leaves. Pay particular attention to skylights, chimneys, solar panels and downspouts where they often get caught. Always remove heavy snow.

Feel free to independently inspect your roof. However, there is no substitute for an assessment from a professional roofer. Have yours looked at twice a year, ideally in the spring and the fall. Quiz your examiner afterwards to make sure nothing important has been overlooked.

Early identification of problems allows you to fix them before they grow into bigger problems. Small projects, such as replacing or fixing broken, buckled or missing shingles, should be taken care of immediately. Tackling minor tasks such as these remains highly preferable to facing an expensive re-roofing project.

Keep a record of everything that occurs with your roof. Note important variables including the date of installation, style of shingles and repair history. Include photos for roofing repair and installation professionals to reference. Having all this information readily available will help inform wise roofing decisions in the future.

Shingle maintenance is vital for keeping roofs in top condition. Take every reasonable step to slow the demand for a complete restoration.
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