Is a New Roof an Advantage On the Real Estate Market?

Having a new roof installed is a major investment in the comfort and safety of a home. Depending on the roofing material, this decision can provide one or more decades of peace of mind to the people selling a home and buyers with regular maintenance and repairs. Here are three reasons to replace a roof prior to putting a residential property on the market.

1. Better Sale Prices

Residences with aging or damaged roofing tend to sell for lower prices. After an inspection, buyers may want to negotiate based on the need for roof installation. A home with a new roof that is properly installed should not raise any red flags during inspection. This feature is also a strong selling point.

2. Peace of Mind

A new roof has the potential to buy homeowners anywhere from 10 years to 30 years of reliable shelter with periodic maintenance and timely repairs. Depending on when the current owner of a property plans on selling a home, residents may benefit from a roof replacement and pass on peace of mind to a buyer.

3. Better Return On Investment

Roof installation is a considerable expense, but a new roof can increase a seller’s ROI. This factor may be more important when remodeling to increase the value of a home or trying to make a profit by flipping houses. For the most ROI, select the best roofing materials for the design of a structure and the regional climate.

Depending on when a homeowner decides to replace the roof of a residence in Tahlequah, OK they may be able to enjoy several years with a new roof before selling a property with the advantage of a roof that has been recently replaced and is well-maintained. Even if an owner plans on selling a home sooner rather than later, a new roof should attract offers closer to the asking price.

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