Reasons To Get an Independent Inspection After a Storm

Your homeowners policy or other insurance coverage you purchase is designed to protect your investment. Even a light hailstorm in Fort Smith, Arkansas can leave your roof with some damage, and filing a claim may be able to help you pay the costs of repairing or replacing it. You shouldn't leave the fate of your claim up to just the adjuster's inspection, though. There are several perks to getting an estimate from a professional roofing company.

Pinpoint Specific Damage

Professional roofers are likely to arrive at your home in a timely manner. The earlier they get there, the better they are able to find signs of damage:

-Improper flashing
-Weak spots
-Broken shingles
-Chimney damage

The roofing experts can distinguish between damage that happened recently and damage that may have been there before the storm hit. A timely, professional assessment helps to identify the specific problems caused by the weather event itself.

Provide Objective Information

Keep in mind that adjusters work for insurance companies. They have a vested interest, therefore, in offering you as little compensation for your claim as they can. If the only information you have on which to base your claim is the adjuster's inspection, you may miss out on the coverage your policy is meant to provide. A preliminary assessment from a roofing professional gives you more solid footing. It may even be a good idea to have the expert complete the walkthrough with the adjuster to ensure that their records match.

Plan Repair Process

The sooner you call roofing specialists, the sooner they can get started on repairs to your home. Professional assessment is the first step of the repair process, and quick repair minimizes the risk of secondary damage. This is not only good news for your home but also for your insurance claim, as it protects you against accusations of neglect.

You don't have to depend solely on your adjuster's inspection when you file a claim for roof damage. Get a professional estimate to back it up.

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