Roofing Risks After a Fire

After a fire, your residential or commercial building is still threatened by further damage from the elements. Rain, wind, sunlight and more can harm an unprotected interior, or compound the damage done to walls and roofing. If your building in City, State has suffered serious fire damage, fire cleanup services may be able to provide roof repair as well.

Roofing Risks After a Fire

Not all roof damage is immediately apparent, and sometimes the most obvious damage can draw attention away from more subtle issues. Immediately after a fire and throughout the process of fire cleanup, consider the following:

•        Some roofing materials such as asphalt shingles are susceptible to heat, suffering localized damage from hot embers or extensive melting from ambient heat.•        Internal damage from fire can compromise the structural supports holding the roof up.

•        Cosmetic damage can be minimal even when essential structures are heavily damaged, and the damage can be worsened if not addressed. You should not enter the building until professionals declare it safe again.

Whether or not roof damage is obvious following a fire, the risk is always there until specifically resolved or proven otherwise.

Benefits of Tarp-Over Measures

Tarp services are commonly provided as a precursor to roof repair during fire restoration projects. Further damage can be warded off and the cleanup crew can perform their work more safely, especially if roof repair contractors have their hands full following a large-scale disaster. Specifically:

•        A tarp blocks water from entering the building’s interior through damaged roofing, mitigating the risk of water damage on top of the existing fire damage.

•        The weakened roof is protected from wind, UV radiation and inclement weather.

•        Insurance coverage is better secured if measures are taken to prevent secondary sources of damage after a fire.

Even if roof repair shouldn’t take too long, tarp services are simple and inexpensive enough that business owners benefit from the peace of mind they offer during fire cleanup.

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