The Benefits of UV-Resistant Shingles

The roof is the part of your house that gets the most direct sunlight. Therefore, it's the part of your home that is most likely to get sun damage. Without protection, intense UV rays not only cause shingle damage but also speed up the normal deterioration of asphalt shingles. Cool roofing that reflects UV radiation can slow the wear and tear on your roof and provide a few other benefits as well.

Roof Protection

Asphalt shingles are particularly susceptible to problems caused by UV radiation. You know your shingles are not faring well in the sun when you see telltale signs of roof damage:


Shingles that have been treated with a UV-resistant coating are better able to withstand the damaging effects of these rays. The coating causes the shingles to reflect UV light so that it is not absorbed into the roof.

Prolonged Life

Asphalt roofs are more prone to shingle damage than other types of roofs. When they are not protected from the sun, deterioration happens a lot more quickly. Heat is not asphalt's friend. The hotter your roof gets on a regular basis, the more often you are going to have to repair it. You may even need Lewis Roofing to replace the roof a lot sooner without UV protection than with it.

Energy Savings

The heat your roof absorbs does not just stay on the roof. It is transferred into your home. In the winter months in Bentonville, AR this displaced heat may lead to ice dams and subsequent water damage. In the summer, though, it can send your air conditioner into overdrive, significantly increasing your utility bill. Shingles with a reflective coating can lower your energy costs.

Shingle damage is only one of the problems that intense UV radiation on your roof can cause. If your shingles have a reflective UV coating, however, you can make your roof last longer and protect your home better.
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