The Pros and Cons of Putting New Shingles Over Old Ones

Any good rooftop will eventually get worn out from age and exposure to the elements, even in your Tulsa, Oklahoma home. While it is wise to replace the old roof with a new one, there are some people who pursue alternatives. Mainly, they try to install new shingles over their existing rooftop. Does this option always work? Continue reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of such a practice.

The Advantages

There are many benefits to installing a new layer over the existing one. Many of these advantages involve practicality and simplicity.

Decreased costs due to lack of the removal process
Doubled protection against storms due to multiple layers
Reduced labor from removing old rooftop
Enhanced or unaffected design
Remaining warranty plan

Covering the current top with a new one can effectively reduce time, money and effort. It can be a great option for your home under the right conditions.

The Disadvantages

Installing new shingles on top of the old roof is not always a practical decision, sometimes even creating bigger problems. For instance, if the current shingle layer is curling or has issues, it can disrupt the installation process, which requires the new components to lay on top of a flat surface. Additionally, a weak, compromised rooftop cannot be fixed by placing extra layers, but by replacing it entirely. Finally, many building codes forbid adding more than two shingle layers at a time.

Seek Professional Advice

Now that you have looked at the pros and cons of doubling up on your shingle rooftop, you might need to make a choice. Do you still have a problem coming up with an answer? A certified roofing specialist can inspect the area and help you determine the best decision. Contact a professional to determine the next steps.
Installing additional shingles on the roof can help you save time and money, but it is not always the best solution. Carefully consider the house's unique circumstances to measure the benefits and risks before acting.

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