The Right Time To Schedule Roof Services

Roofing can be done at any time of year. There isn't really an off-season for roofers, just seasons with more or less demand for services. Here are a few tips for the timely repair of roof damage and scheduling annual inspections along with guidelines for planning major work such as a roof replacement.

The Busy Season
Spring and fall are the busiest seasons for most roofing services. There are several reasons why property owners tend to have roofing work done at these times of year:

Damage caused by storms
Planning ahead for summer or winter
Temperate weather

Roof replacements or extensive repairs that involve temporarily eliminating the insulation necessary to efficiently control indoor temperatures are ideal during the spring or fall. As a result, it may be more difficult to arrange for a major service during these times of year. Try to schedule planned work well in advance during the busiest roofing season.

Slower Seasons
Roofers can repair roof damage or replace a roof at any time of year. Response to emergency calls may be faster during the off-season during the summer and winter. While winter weather conditions may make extensive roof work more difficult, the summer can be a less hectic time to arrange for roofing services.

Annual Inspections
Maintaining a roof requires regular inspections by licensed professionals. These inspections may take place once or twice a year, often during the spring or fall. While these are the busiest roofing seasons, an inspection is not an emergency service and can be scheduled well in advance.

Emergency roof repairs should take place as soon as a property owner notices any sign of roof damage. A longer wait for services may be a factor during the busiest seasons in Plano, TX Scheduling regular inspections is the best way to ensure that a roof remains in good condition for years to come.

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