Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

If you are a homeowner in Tulsa, OK, you know that keeping your home in the best shape possible involves roof maintenance. A healthy roof can protect you and your belongings and requires you to take the following measures.

Schedule Inspections

It is advisable to inspect your roof every Fall and Spring during mild weather and before the blistering, summer heat, or heavy winter snow presents challenges. A professional roofing company can check the following areas for problems:

Ventilation system

Schedule Repairs

Inspecting your roof during mild weather conditions can ensure that you schedule repairs before severe weather arrives and causes more significant damage. For example, replacing broken or missing shingles and repairing holes or cracks can prevent water from snow and rain from seeping through your roof and entering your home. In addition, when roof leaks go undetected, water can enter hard-to-reach spaces like those in an attic. When water from a roof leak accumulates in the dark areas of your attic, it can promote the development of mold spores that can spread through your home.

Clean Gutters

Gutter cleaning is an essential aspect of roof maintenance that should happen at least twice annually and more often if there is significant foliage surrounding your home. Gutters that remain clogged with leaves and debris can tear away from your roof when the added weight of water is more than they can bear. In addition, filled gutters can no longer accommodate water from a rooftop. As a result, the water accumulates on the roof and eventually seeps through the shingles, causing interior damage.

Trim Surrounding Trees

Severe weather, including wind, snow, or heavy rain, can cause tree limbs to break and crash onto your roof, where they can cause significant damage. Pruning the trees surrounding your home is essential to preparing your roof for severe weather conditions.

Regular roof maintenance contributes to keeping your home in the best shape possible.

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