Vital Tasks Involved in Roofing Maintenance

No matter what, your roof is susceptible to the elements. Regular maintenance is key to preventing problems and making sure every shingle stays in place. Hiring an experienced roofing professional is the best way to assure greater issues do not surface. Alternatively, you can take care of yours in Broken Arrow, OK, all by yourself. Here are some tasks that must be completed either by you or a roofing expert.

1. Branch Trimming

Overhanging branches have a way of damaging roofs. When they are covered in snow and ice, they droop down and make contact with your residence. It's recommended that you handle this issue before winter arrives, as cold weather increases the difficulty factor. Make sure you're using a pruning tool that's sharp and clean, taking care that the separating limb does not scratch you or fall onto someone below.

2. Shingle Inspecting

Wild weather can cause severe damage to your tiles. The sun's rays can also harm these delicate parts of your home. Look closely for cracks that might contribute to leaks. Additionally, hunt for signs of mold. When fungi grow out of control, a complete roof replacement may become necessary.

3. Moss Removing

Moss damages all types of roofs, even those made from concrete and asphalt. Proper maintenance requires scrubbing away this nuisance as soon as it appears. Unless you do this, count on rot developing. Sprinkle zinc sulfate granules to reduce your odds of this issue taking hold.

4. Flash Caulking

Flashings are pieces of metal used to keep rainwater outside your home. They do this by diverting water so that it doesn't flow around vulnerable areas such as skylights and chimneys. Over time, flashings tend to rust, crack, and separate. Fix these components, as well as any compromised shingle, with caulking as soon as possible.

Roof maintenance is a multistep endeavor that requires knowledge and energy. Thoroughly prepare yourself before shouldering this essential responsibility.

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