What To Do if Your Roof Is Leaking

As a homeowner, you know that it takes a continued effort to keep your house looking good. Maintenance and upkeep never end, though some parts of your home will last longer. A well-built roof should do its job for a couple of decades. Depending on the material, your roof might last for 30 years or more. Still, if you notice problems such as a roof leak, you need to act quickly and take care of it.

Roof Leak Causes

Have you noticed water dripping from your ceiling or collecting in your attic? A leaky roof could be the culprit. If you can identify the cause of this issue, you might be able to fix it before calling a professional water damage mitigation company.

Age: Over time, a roof will deteriorate

Flashing: The thin metal strip that attaches to the chimney and roof could start to wear out
Missing shingles: High winds and hail can be culprits.

Clean Up the Interior

If you notice water in your Edmond, OK home due to a roof leak, remove the water immediately. You can use a wet vac to extract standing water. Also, get furniture, electronics, documents and other items out of the way. If necessary, pull up the wet carpet. Make sure you thoroughly dry the area to discourage the growth of mold.

Inspect the Roof

You'll next want to assess the roof damage. Examine the roof for missing or buckling shingles. Look out for any weak spots too. You'll also want to check out the rain gutters and remove any dirt and debris.

Call a Professional

You don't want to spend the time and effort fixing a leak, only to discover you never addressed the problem. This is where a roofing contractor comes into play. A professional has the knowledge and training to properly evaluate your roof and identify where the leaking started.
A roof leak can turn into an expensive ordeal if you don't clean up thoroughly and stop the source of the leak. With the right help, you can stop this problem in its tracks.

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