Where'd That Leak Come From? Top 5 Leaky Roof Culprits

As a homeowner, it's important for you to remain vigilant during storm season. Heavy rain can wreck havoc on your Bentonville, AR home's roof, causing rain water to leak down into your home and inflict even more secondary damage. If you feel like you're constantly repairing roof damage, you might want to consider exploring the root of the issue. Here are the top five places where rain water could be sneaking through your home's roof.

1. Chimney

Chimneys on their own increase your home's probability of suffering from leaks. Rain could come in through the chimney itself, or leak in through the masonry surface and pool in your living room.

2. Skylight

It's very possible for heavy rain to leak in through your skylight, especially if it wasn't sealed properly during installation. It's also possible for condensation to build up and drip down into your home if the skylight hasn't been insulated properly.

3. Attic

Check to make sure that your attic allows for proper ventilation. Condensation can accumulate in this humid space and drip down through your ceiling. This issue is difficult to pinpoint, as most homeowners are quick to blame their issues on a roof leak.

4. Shingles

Nothing lasts forever, and your shingles are no exception. As your roof's shingles degrade over time, they gradually lose their ability to keep rain water out of your home. If you experience frequent roof leaks during severe weather, you may want to consider replacing your shingles.

5. Metal Roof

Metal corrodes over time, which can create just enough space for rain water to leak through. Temperature changes can also cause the metal to expand and contract, which can loosen the seams and invite even more water in.

Don't let heavy rain inflict flood damage in your home. Contact the professionals at Lewis Roofing if you believe that any of the above culprits are responsible for your home's frequent roof leaks.

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